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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Geez, we've got bees...

Willow Valley Honey produces honey from bees who live here in Richmond and in Lewiston, UT. This is thier first year of an actual harvest that they are selling. This honey is highly nutritious and tastes great! There is the added advantage that these bees forage within the community so if you eat thier honey rumor has it that you won't suffer from allergies so bad.

Peter and Tami live here in Richmond and sell thier honey by phone, you can reach them at 435-258-0303 (yes they ship) or you can purchase thier honey from Crumb Brothers Bread, located at 291 South 300 W, Logan, UT, Phone: 435-792-6063 Or you can purchase the honey from the Rockhill Creamery, located at 561 State Stree in Richmond. Thier cheese stand is closed until April, but you can contact them through thier website: http://www.rockhillcheese.com

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